Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Dayton

Most police departments have what is called a “Mandatory Arrest” policy, meaning if they are called out to a residence on a domestic violence incident, they are required to arrest someone. Every court takes Domestic Violence charges very seriously. Besides the likelihood of jail time, Domestic Violence carries additional penalties that can have long lasting effects on your life if you are convicted.

If the police show up at your house and arrest you for Domestic Violence, you are instantly put in a life-changing situation. You will most likely be taken to the jail and held there until you are in front of a judge to receive a bond. If you are arrested Friday afternoon you may not be in court until Monday morning. Also, judges typically give high bonds on Domestic Violence cases so getting out may be difficult.

Also, Domestic Violence convictions permanently remain on your record and cannot be expunged. They are also enhanceable, meaning every time you are charged with Domestic Violence the degree of the charge and the penalties increase. A second offense Domestic Violence is automatically a felony. In addition, in some situations, Domestic Violence carries mandatory prison time.

You need the right attorney for a Domestic Violence case. Travis Kane has the experience you need to handle your case.

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