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What is OVI?

OVI stands for "Operating a Vehicle under the Influence" of alcohol and/or drugs. Both alcohol-related and drug-related OVI violations are serious offenses that can have lasting impacts on an individual's life. It is important to understand the laws in Ohio to ensure you are not putting yourself at risk of a charge. 

In Ohio, any person who is at least 21 years of age operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over 0.08 percent or with controlled substances in their system can be charged with an OVI offense. However, an underage motorist (under 21 years old) can be arrested for OVI with a BAC of at least 0.02 percent,  while a commercial driver can be charged with a BAC of at least 0.04 percent.

Even if your BAC is below the legal limit, you may still be charged with an OVI if you appear to be impaired. Additionally, there are enhanced penalties for high BAC levels, driving with a commercial driver's license, or having prior OVI convictions. 

Upon being arrested, you are immediately placed in a situation you may have never been in before, such as: 

  • You are taken to the police station in handcuffs,
  • Your license is immediately suspended,
  • Your car may be towed and impounded,
  • You have mandatory court appearances,
  • You are facing large fines, court costs, and various fees,
  • You have to hire an experienced OVI/DUI attorney,
  •  You are charged with a crime that has mandatory jail time,
  • You may remain in jail until your bond is posted,
  • You may be required to have restrictive license plates,
  • You may be required to undergo alcohol/drug treatment,
  • Your vehicle may be ordered to be immobilized or forfeited to the state,
  • An OVI is not expungable and permanently remains on your record,
  • An OVI adds six points to your driving record,
  • If you have prior OVI convictions, you are facing much more severe penalties.

OVI violations can result in jail time, fines and fees, community service, and/or mandatory alcohol treatment programs. In addition to these criminal penalties, a conviction could also result in personal repercussions such as increased insurance premiums or lost job opportunities. If you are charged with an OVI offense, it is important to find legal representation right away. 

Being arrested for Operating a Vehicle under the Influence (OVI) or Driving while under the Influence (DUI) is a life changing event. The moment the police officer charges you with the crime of OVI or DUI your life can be turned upside down. Kane Law Offices can help you protect build a strong defense and obtain a positive outcome to your case. 

To get started on your case, call our Dayton DUI defense attorney at (937) 887-4700 today. 

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    Court Appearance
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  • Driving Privileges
    Driving Privileges
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    Driving Under Suspended License
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Rely on A Dayton OVi/DUI Defense Attorney with Experience in OVI Cases

Attorney Travis Kane has handled hundreds of OVI cases and he understands the drastic effects an OVI has on your life. As his client, he will fight to get your driving privileges reinstated, he will defend you in court as a defendant, and he will do whatever he can to keep you from going to jail. 

Your case will be handled in the most competent and efficient manner. Attorney Travis Kane will do what it takes to reduce the possibility of these negative and life-altering consequences and ensure that your OVI case goes as smoothly as possible.   

Schedule an initial consultation by calling us directly at (937) 887-4700 or completing our online form.

Case results

  • Hit/Skip
    After being rear ended, our client pulled to the side of the road but later left the scene before the police arrived and was charged with Failing to Stop After an Accident.  This charge adds 6 points to the driving record and has a mandatory license suspension.  We were able to resolve the case with a charge that did not add 6 points and he did not receive a license suspension.  Our client had to pay a small fine and nothing more.
  • Felony Domestic Violence
    Our client was charged with Domestic Violence for the third time, which meant it was a felony.  The case was set for trial and the State was nervous about going up against us so they offered to settle the case by letting our client out of jail and giving him probation.  Due to our success in this court, we got the result we wanted.
  • Rape
    Our client was an immigrant from Africa and was charged with Rape after his babysitter made some allegations.  Due to the number of counts and the charges, he was facing up to 40 years in prison.  He was the sole provider for his family, who were all from Africa.  After long negotiations, we settled the case with a felony assault charge and no jail time.  This meant he did not have to register as a sex offender and did not go to prison.  He was able to continue supporting his family.
  • Underage Consumption/Possession Drugs
    Our client was 18 and arrested for being under the influence of alcohol and possession of drugs.  We were able to settle the case for a $50 fine and no probation.  This result allowed our client to continue with her therapy and able to expunge her charge in a year and have a clean record for applying for college and jobs.
  • Investigation
    Our client’s adopted teenage son made an accusation that he was molested by our client.  During the investigation phase of the case, we spoke to the detective and also got our private investigator involved.  We had our client take a polygraph test and the results were that he was telling the truth when he denied the accusations.  The detective then closed the investigation and our client was never charged.  He was able to clear his name and reputation with our help.
  • Hit/Skip
  • Felony Domestic Violence
  • Rape
  • Underage Consumption/Possession Drugs
  • Investigation

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