Felonious Assault/Aggravated Assault/Assault


Assault is a first degree misdemeanor and is defined as causing harm to a person. This is a very broad definition so it is easy to be charged with Assault; however there are many different defenses available to avoid being convicted. There are also additional factors that may affect your case, such as if the victim is under the age of 18 or if the victim is elderly. The amount of harm committed also affects the charge and the penalties.


Felonious Assault is defined as assault with a deadly weapon or when the assault causes serious harm. This can lead to you being unfairly charged. For example, if you slightly cut someone with a knife you can be charged with Felonious Assault because there was harm committed with a deadly weapon. But if someone else punches somebody in the face multiple times causing black eyes and bruising, they will only be charged with Assault. 


All Assault-related offenses in Ohio are classified as "offenses of violence" and are prosecuted aggressively. Prosecutors always side with the victim and do whatever they can to convict you. Judges will also bring down severe penalties, including jail time, if you are convicted. Having any type of Assault on your record will have negative, long lasting effects on your life. Make sure you have the right attorney to represent you if you’re charged with Assault, Felonious Assault, Aggravated Assault, or Vehicular Assault.


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