Drug Charges


In Ohio, the amount of drugs in your possession determines the severity of the charge. For example, possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana carries a maximum fine of only $150 with no jail time. However, any amount of marijuana over 200 grams is a felony and carries the risk of actual time in prison. 


Possession of heroin and cocaine carry severe penalties ranging anywhere from six months in prison to a mandatory minimum of 14 years. There are no misdemeanor cocaine or heroin charges so even the slightest amount will lead to you being charged with a felony. 


Also, drug charges in Ohio carry more penalties than just jail time. Any drug-related conviction requires the judge to give you a license suspension and, depending on the charge, you may receive a mandatory fine of several thousand dollars. 


IMPORTANT: If drugs are found on your person, in your car, or even in your house, it does not mean you are guilty! There are a number of different defenses to charges of possession, trafficking, or cultivating controlled substances. 


Travis Kane has handled hundreds of drug-related cases and is familiar with the defenses that can lead to acquittal. 


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