Driving Under Suspension/No Operator’s License


Besides traffic tickets, the most common type of driving-related crime is Driving Under Suspension or driving with No Operator’s License. A license suspension can be as a result of a number of different situations. You can have a license suspension for receiving 12 points on your driving record, driving without a license, not paying child support, being charged with OVI, driving on certain license restrictions, driving without insurance, wrongful entrustment, or not reinstating your license from a previous suspension. 


Many times people think it is no big deal to drive with a suspended license because it is simply a traffic case and nothing bad will happen. This is not true and continuing to drive while being suspended exacerbates the entire situation. More and more fees are accrued making it increasingly difficult to get a valid driver’s license and the risk of jail goes up as well. 


You need an attorney who knows the driving laws and can help you get back on the road to drive legally.


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