"I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case. Travis Kane worked out a deal where if I do some alcohol classes, everything will be dropped and I will have nothing on my permanent record. I am very satisfied with the amount of explanation, communication, and information I received from my attorney." 

“Travis Kane helped me with my divorce. He took a lot of notes on my first visit and did not charge a lot. He filed all of the paperwork and kept me informed of what was required of me. When we went to court he explained everything to the judge, I was just present. He got my child support minimalized and everything went smoothly.” 

"We hired Kane Law in need of an attorney for an Aggravated Burglary charge. My attorney's performance was very professional. He did an amazing job with my case and I would recommend his law office to anyone in need of an attorney." 

“Travis really went above and beyond to make sure I understood what was going on during my case and answered all my questions. He worked out the best possible result for me. I couldn’t have asked for more.” 

"We have never been in a court room or had anything to do with the justice system prior to this issue. We knew nothing about navigating the system and what to expect. Travis did an excellent job of explaining how things would work and what the terminology meant. He walked us through every step of the way. Travis was very professional and respectful. He was very patient and explained things over and over for us. Outstanding!" 

“Travis Kane was my lawyer for my OVI case.  We took it to trial and won.  I was going to lose my job and my truck but Mr. Kane did a great job and won my case for me.  I recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer.”

"Travis had the opportunity to question the detective that came up with the charges against my son.  He made her look very stupid indeed and she was actually shaking while answering his questions.  It was at that point that I knew he was our man!  We had never had any trouble with the law before this time, so we knew nothing about how to proceed with any of the court proceedings.  Travis knew everything that was happening and kept us informed about what we could expect to happen and what we were going to do in each case.  Travis was very calm at all times and that kept us calm also.  Our satisfaction level is a 10 out of 10." 

“I hired Mr. Kane when allegations were made against me that I had touched my cousin when she was younger. The court put me in jail and Mr. Kane filed a motion and got me out so I didn’t lose my job. We did a jury trial and the verdict was not guilty. Mr. Kane won my case for me. He did an amazing job. I owe my freedom to him because that judge would have sent me to prison.”

“Mr. Kane spoke to the prosecutor about my case and got it dismissed.  He did an outstanding job for me.”

“I got an OVI after going to the gas station to get a soda.  Mr. Kane took my case and got the charge reduced to reckless driving and I didn’t get a license suspension and didn’t have to go to jail.  He is a great OVI attorney and did better than I expected.”

“Mr. Kane got my case dismissed.  I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.”

“Our lawyer, Mr. Kane, kept my daughter from going to jail.  We were very worried about her case and Mr. Kane talked us through it all and really helped us out.  I recommend his services.”

“I was really nervous about my case.  He explained everything to me ahead of time and spoke to the judge for me.  All I got was a $100 fine and didn’t have to go to jail or anything.”

“I’ve used Mr. Kane many times and he’s done a great job every time.  He kept me out of jail and got all my charges reduced.  I tell everyone to hire him because I trust him and know he’s a good attorney.”

“We hired Mr. Kane for our son.  He answered all our questions and told us what to expect.  He ended up getting our son’s charges reduced.  We were very satisfied with his performance.”

“As soon as I got Attorney Kane he got me out of jail.  He then got both my cases dismissed.”

"I was charged with a first OVI. I was highly satisfied with Mr. Kane! He answered back right away and was there every time I needed anything. Was very upfront with everything. A great guy to work with! Overall my experience with Mr. Kane was excellent! Everything he had told me upfront was exactly what he got me. Was very happy with the results."


"Mr. Kane represented me on a burglary case that I did not do. The detective lied and tried to pin everything on me. I had nothing to do with that house being broken into. Mr. Kane took my case to a jury trial. He did a great job and is an excellent attorney. He won my case. The jury said Not Guilty! I was let out of the Montgomery County jail that same day."


"Mr. Kane represented my son in a sexual assault case. He got the jury to say not guilty on all counts. He did an amazing job for my son and our family. I recommend hiring him. No one better!"