Whether this is the first time you have been charged, or you have a lengthy criminal record, being arrested and charged with any type of crime means your liberty and your life are at stake. Once you are charged, you have an entire government and all of their resources against you. Every aspect of a criminal case is designed to benefit the prosecution in their case against you. The Rules of Evidence, the Rules of Procedure, and the way the statutes are constructed are all formatted to favor the State. There is nothing more important than having the right attorney to represent you during the criminal process.

In Ohio, crimes are classified as either felonies or misdemeanors and each have their own different degree. The most severe charges, such as murder and rape, are first degree felonies while other crimes are lower degree felonies. Misdemeanors range from first degree as the most severe, such as Assault and Domestic Violence, to minor misdemeanors as the least severe, such as disorderly conduct or a speeding ticket. 


Sentencing for each crime varies but the following chart explains the amount of time a defendant can be incarcerated:



  • Unclassified: 3 years-life without parole

  • First Degree: 3-11 years

  • Second Degree: 2-8 years

  • Third Degree: 9-36 months or 1-5 years

  • Fourth Degree: 6-18 months

  • Fifth Degree: 6-12 months



  • First Degree: 0-180 days

  • Second Degree: 0-90 days

  • Third Degree: 0-60 days

  • Fourth Degree: 0-30 days

  • Minor: no jail time


Besides jail time, there are a number of other penalties the court may impose. Travis Kane has years of experience handling all types of criminal cases ranging from the most severe to traffic tickets. Travis Kane has dedicated his entire career to representing criminal defendants against the State of Ohio and has achieved all levels of success for many of his clients. 


At Kane Law Offices, we provide the right combination of experience, aggressiveness, affordability, competitiveness, and desire to win your case. 


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