Driving Privileges


While under an OVI license suspension, the courts are allowed to give limited driving privileges. Typically, this includes being permitted to drive to and from work, to and from school, and to and from medical appointments. Every court will allow driving to these three locations as long as you are not under the restricted part of your license suspension and you can provide some sort of proof that you have the need to drive. Any privileges consisting of more than work, school, and medical appointments are in the discretion of your judge and may or may not be permitted. Some judges will allow pick up and drop off of children to school/daycare, as well as other legitimate driving reasons. However, there is no guarantee.


There are times during your license suspension when the court will not even allow limited privileges. This is typically referred to as the "hard time" of the suspension and occurs at the very beginning. Whether you submitted to the Breathalyzer or refused makes a difference in the amount of hard time you will be under. 


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