Child Support


Ohio law requires there to be an order of child support in every divorce or custody case. The parent that is not awarded custody is the one the court will order to pay (known as the “Obligor”). Child support serves to financially support the parent that has custody (known as the “Obligee”) due to the high costs associated with raising children. The money given to the Obligee is required to be spent on the children and not for their personal gain.


Calculating child support requires using the Ohio Child Support Computation Worksheet. This worksheet uses a number of different factors to determine the amount of child support, such as the income of each party, child care expenses, child support paid to other children, and medical expenses. Although the worksheet makes the calculation simple, determining a party’s income is very complicated and there are many different arguments to be made that may help determine each party’s income. Having the right attorney to represent you will make the difference in your case. Travis Kane has handled complex child support cases and has the experience you need.


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